Kirchlicher Segen zur Rubinhochzeit ist möglich (Foto: NAK NRW)

Church blessing on ruby wedding anniversaries

Zurich. Married couples who have been married for 40 years can now, at their express request, receive a Church blessing on their ruby wedding anniversary. This was resolved by the District Apostle Meeting during its spring session in Dortmund this March (we reported). The new resolution is valid around the world.

Church blessings on wedding anniversaries are customary in the New Apostolic Church. The blessing of God may be dispensed on wedding anniversaries from 25 years right up to 75 years, and each time, the married couple is again commended to the care and guidance of God. Now, at the request of a married couple, it will also be possible to dispense a Church blessing on the occasion of a ruby wedding anniversary (40 years). The District Apostles will provide more detailed information.

Blessings on wedding anniversaries

The recent resolution of the District Apostle Meeting expands the range of blessings dispensed at wedding anniversaries in the New Apostolic Church as follows:

  • Silver wedding anniversary (25 years)
  • Ruby wedding anniversary (40 years)
  • Golden wedding anniversary (50 years)
  • Diamond wedding anniversary (60 years)
  • Star sapphire wedding anniversary (65 years)
  • Platinum wedding anniversary (70 years)
  • Diamond wedding anniversary (75 years)

According to the understanding of the New Apostolic Church, marriage is the lifelong union of a man and a woman. The Church’s blessing has great significance for the couple. On the occasion of these special wedding anniversaries, the blessing of God is again placed upon the marriage bond, and the couple is again commended to the continued care and guidance of God.

20 April 2010