Das Pfingstlogo 2010, einmal für die Internationale Apostelversammlung ...

Pentecost 2010: Welcome to Cape Town

Das Pfingstlogo 2010, einmal für die Internationale Apostelversammlung ...

Zurich/Cape Town. This year’s Pentecost celebration will convene all presently active Apostles of the New Apostolic Church in Cape Town, South Africa. The international satellite transmission of a Pentecost concert and divine service will originate from there. Some 350 Apostles from many countries around the world are also anticipated at the International Apostles’ Meeting in the Cape Town Convention Centre.

The Saturday of the Pentecost weekend is devoted to music. A concert is scheduled to take place that day in the Silvertown church which, like Sunday’s Pentecost service, will be transmitted around the world via satellite. The Pentecost divine service, traditionally a high point in the New Apostolic Church calendar, will be transmitted from the church in Tafelsig.

"One Spirit - one goal"

A logo that has been especially designed for this day features the familiar emblem of the New Apostolic Church in its centre. In the background is Table Mountain, a well-known landmark of Cape Town’s metropolis of millions. The letters “I.A.M.” stand for “International Apostles’ Meeting”. The ribbons of colour to the right and left are a reference to the globe. The representative colours of blue, yellow, black, white, green, and red were not randomly chosen: every national flag in the world contains at least one of these colours. The colours also represent the six continents.

The Pentecost divine service on Sunday also has a special logo: included in this logo is the image of a white dove, an ancient symbol for Spirit, peace, and hope. All these elements together are intended to reinforce the Pentecost motto: “One Spirit - one goal!”

The New Apostolic Church of Cape Town provides an extensive report on its website, which we highly recommend.

Our Pentecost section offers a detailed look back over the Pentecost services of the past years.

26 February 2010