Ein Kinderchor umrahmt die gottesdienstliche Musik

Another Bishop ordained for the New Apostolic Church in Romania

Ein Kinderchor umrahmt die gottesdienstliche Musik

Lucerne. The first Sunday in February led the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, to Switzerland. The divine service took place in the New Apostolic congregation in Lucerne, the large city on the shores of Lake Lucerne, on Sunday, 7 February. It was in the course of this service that Teodot Anton (59) received the Bishop ministry for the New Apostolic Church in Romania.

Chief Apostle Leber explained that the New Apostolic congregations in Romania are widely spread throughout the country and that it takes a great deal of time to reach all of them. For this reason, he said, Apostle Vasile Cone and the two Bishops already working there require further help given the geographical realities. In Bishop Anton the Chief Apostle has ordained yet another shepherd of souls to help manage the pastoral care of the congregations in the country. There are approximately 6,500 New Apostolic members in 119 congregations in Romania.

In his sermon, Chief Apostle Leber spoke of making progress in faith, specifically by having greater trust in the guidance of God, finding joy in the Lord, serving the Lord, and loving one’s neighbour. A children’s choir delighted those who attended the service with their beautiful singing.

Please read our report on the website of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland.

17 February 2010