Treffpunkt Nairobi: Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der NAC East Africa

Relief organisation planned for East Africa

Treffpunkt Nairobi: Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der NAC East Africa

Dortmund. As NAK-karitativ relates, a new Church relief organisation is to be established in East Africa in January of next year. Its head office is to be located in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, from where it will coordinate charitable aid operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. Such was the consensus reached at a meeting between Crispin Sanjase, managing director of the Henwood Foundation (Zambia), and Bernd Klippert, director of the relief organisation NAK-karitativ (Germany).

In mid-October, District Apostle Shadrek Lubasi, who is responsible for the New Apostolic Church in East Africa, had invited both managing directors to Nairobi for this working meeting. The most important item on the agenda involved making the necessary preparations for the establishment of an international relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church in the region of East Africa.

The new relief organisation will thus expand the network of New Apostolic relief organisations in Africa to include the countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The future managing director of the organisation will be introduced to his new job by working in Zambia’s Henwood Foundation from January to March of next year. NAK-karitativ will pay for the training costs.

Once the organisation has been registered, it will be able to commence project work in the second half of the coming year. The emphasis of these projects will be on emergency aid and development projects.

A thrilling year-end spurt

Over the year 2009, NAK-karitativ has supported a total of 36 individual projects—the highest number of projects since the organisation was established back in 2001. In total, the projects have required financing to the tune of over 1.7 million Euros. Some of the new projects include a disaster relief operation in the Philippines (in collaboration with a partner organisation known as HelpAge), the construction of a kindergarten in Alaverdi, Armenia, an emergency relief fund in Zimbabwe (in partnership with German Agro Action), an emergency food aid project in Uganda and Kenya, an emergency famine relief operation in Ethiopia, and support services in North Korea.

You can also read the press releases of NAK-karitativ on the organisation’s website. Zambia’s Henwood Foundation also has a website of its own.

3 December 2009