Regionalseite der 2. Auflage von "African Joy"

“African Joy” – a magazine for New Apostolic households

Regionalseite der 2. Auflage von "African Joy"

Zurich. "African Joy" is a magazine that is currently published twice a year in the New Apostolic District Churches of Cape, East Africa, South East Africa, and Zambia. The circulation of the first issue amounted to some 394,000 copies. The second issue, which is scheduled to appear this month, will reach over 600,000 households. Thus the wish already expressed years ago by Chief Apostle Richard Fehr is coming closer and closer to reality, namely to make a Church magazine available to all members of the New Apostolic Church!

"African Joy" has eight pages: four of them are taken from the international New Apostolic Church magazine Our Family, and four contain local reports and photos. The A5-format is easy to transport to the various bush congregations, and costs less than ten cents US a copy. In their District Apostle Meeting for Africa, the District Apostles active on the African continent were informed about how the first issue was received by its readers. Priest Ken Kotze from Cape Town gave a very positive report. The magazine is reaching its target groups, the transportation routes are effective, and readers are enjoying the contents and looking forward to future issues.  

Given these facts, the District Apostles immediately decided to continue the project. Three editions consisting of twelve pages each are scheduled to appear in 2010. You can find a download version of “African Joy” in English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa on the website of NAC Cape.

17 languages

“African Joy” is published in 17 languages: Afrikaans, Bemba, Chichewa, English, Kaonde, Kiswahili, Lozi, Luganda, Lunda, Luvale, Malagasy, Ndebele, Tonga, Portuguese, Shona, Tumbuka, and Xhosa. Starting in 2009, the magazine’s circulation will amount to over 600,000 copies.

Information Group

The magazine is published by commission of the New Apostolic Church, and is coordinated by a group known as the “New Apostolic Church Information Group in Africa”. The members of this group are: Apostle Joubert (District Church of South East Africa), District Evangelist Kyalo (East Africa), Priest Kotze (Cape), and Sister Kangende (Zambia).

17 September 2009