Das hebräische Wort „schalom“ für „Frieden“ bedeutet Heil, Ganzheit, Unversehrtheit (Grafik: frei)

Worldwide prayers for peace 2009

Zurich. It has now been several years that the New Apostolic Church has participated in the worldwide prayers for peace which traditionally take place each year during the month of September. The World Council of Churches (ÖRK/WCC/COE), with its seat in Geneva, is calling upon all churches to take part in this initiative of the United Nations. In UN-Resolution 55/282 from 2001, the 21st day of September was chosen to mark the International Day of Prayer for Peace.

“The subject of peace is also very important for us,” writes the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, in his message of greeting to the Apostles all around the world. Although only Jesus Christ is capable of creating true and comprehensive peace, “we nevertheless support all endeavours to secure peace on earth,” he goes on to state. He then calls upon all New Apostolic ministers to implore the Lord to grant all responsible public officials around the world the necessary wisdom for this purpose.

The New Apostolic divine services scheduled for 20 September are based on a Bible passage taken from Isaiah 57: 18-19, which states, among other things: “Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near.”

You can read more on the subject of the International Day of Prayer for Peace on the World Council of Churches’ website on “Overcoming violence”.

1 September 2009