A warm “Welcome” to the website of the New Apostolic Church Luxembourg

Frankfurt/Luxembourg. “Häerzlech Wëllkomm – Herzlich Willkommen – Bienvenue – Welcome”: the new website of the New Apostolic Church of Luxembourg is not miserly when it comes to greetings of welcome. After a great deal of preparatory work, the first homepage of the New Apostolic Church Luxembourg went live on 6 August 2009. In a letter to the congregations - written by the responsible Apostle Clement Haeck - it says: “Thus we are finally tapping into an opportunity that has already existed within our Church for many years, and which has long been used by many - both inside and outside the Church - to provide visitors with both general and more specific information about our Church around the world.”

The Apostle goes on to express his special thanks to all brothers and sisters involved in the creation of this project. “Over the past months, they have spent many hours in what was often painstaking work in order to produce the first edition of the pages now available.” The internet presence is “also to be available in French and English in the near future.”

A broad range of information awaits visitors to the site. Above all, the address book of Church congregations in Luxembourg will likely be of interest to those planning a trip to the region.

» New Apostolic Church Luxembourg

10 August 2009