Der ruandische Apostel Minga Jean-Louis Ubuzinda (Foto: NAKI)

Serious accident in Rwanda

Der ruandische Apostel Minga Jean-Louis Ubuzinda (Foto: NAKI)

Zurich. A serious automobile accident in Rwanda has claimed the lives of eight people. Among the deceased is also the Apostle Minga Jean-Louis Ubuzinda (56), who was ordained an Apostle in January 2001 by the then Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. The Apostle had served in various ministries for over 23 years. The work of the New Apostolic Church in Rwanda is coordinated by the New Apostolic Church Canada.

The accident occurred on Saturday, 20 June 2009, when the vehicle went out of control and plunged over the embankment of a river. Apostle Ubuzinda, his wife, four other members, and two hitchhikers drowned in the river.

In his letter of condolence to all the Apostles around the world, Chief Apostle Leber writes: “We gladly intercede in heartfelt prayer for the bereaved, especially the couple’s children, as well as for all the victims of this accident. May our heavenly Father grant them much comfort, strength, and confidence in these difficult hours of parting, and may He also accompany them with His help in the future.”

25 June 2009