Tage der freudigen Gemeinschaft beim...

European Youth Day 2009: Warm thanks to all who participated!

Tage der freudigen Gemeinschaft beim...

Düsseldorf. The four-day European Youth Day 2009 organised by the New Apostolic Church drew to a peaceful conclusion on Sunday, 24 May 2009 with a closing divine service in the LTU-Arena in Düsseldorf. Some 46,000 participants, most of them young people from many different countries of Europe, listened attentively to the service conducted by Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. The days before had been defined by warm fellowship and lively interaction.

At the end of the European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church, the international Church leader emphasised how deeply impressed he was by the young people: “I was profoundly moved by the reverence and holy atmosphere that the young people brought with them to this soccer stadium. The joyful and enthusiastic mood of these past few days will go with me and surely all of our young people for a long time to come. It will accompany them all the way back home to their respective congregations.”

The leader of the hosting District Church of North Rhine-Westphalia, District Apostle Armin Brinkmann, also summarised the event in very positive terms: “The many hundred volunteer helpers have accomplished a gigantic task in making this event come together so nicely. I would like to express my thanks to all of them, to the many employees of the fairgrounds and LTU-Arena, and to our Chief Apostle for his great love and dedication to each and every individual.” District Apostle Armin Brinkmann then went on to articulate his thanks to the people of Düsseldorf: “The young people of the New Apostolic Church felt very comfortable here in Düsseldorf. Please accept our deep thanks for your warm hospitality!”

The European Youth Day in figures:

  • 35,000 participants from 54 countries
  • 2,500 volunteer helpers
  • 46,000 participants in the closing divine service on Sunday
  • More than 200 events on offer in the exhibition program
  • More than 100,000 meals served each day
  • Approximately 43,000 lunch packages were distributed for the trip home
  • More than 250 buses brought a portion of the young people back home


We will report further on the European Youth Day. For web users we will make many downloads available at www.ejt2009.eu/en/.

29 May 2009