"Come to my Jesus" heißt der EJT-Song

“Come to my Jesus” is the official song of the European Youth Day

Düsseldorf. “Come to my Jesus, here is my salvation! Come to my Jesus, glory to the Lord!” So reads the first line of the official song of the European Youth Day organised by the New Apostolic Church. Sigi Hänger (36), a musician from the vicinity of Stuttgart, is the composer of the song. His piece, “Come to my Jesus”, garnered 31 percent of all votes submitted.

The participants of the European Youth Day have made their decision: “Come to my Jesus” is the official song with which the young people will be welcomed to the New Apostolic Church’s European Youth Day in Düsseldorf. The composer of the piece, Sigi Hänger from Lorch-Waldhausen near Stuttgart, is totally surprised that his song was chosen as the number one selection. “The melody was completed in a very short time,” he recalls, “then came the text.” Through the lyrics, Sigi Hänger expresses a clear message to the young people: “My wish is that throughout their lives, the young people will turn to Jesus in all situations of life. It is my hope that they will build a very personal and intimate relationship with Him, and that they will always seek to maintain their contact with Him in prayer - even if they must go through pain and suffering at times - in order to draw forth all the strength they need.”

He expressed his thanks to all who cast a vote for his song: “I’m very happy that so many young people voted for my song. I’m still quite overwhelmed. It is to serve to the honour of God alone. He is the one I want to praise with this piece.”

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12 May 2009