Dr. Daniel Brenner (rechts) ist neuer Projektmanager bei NAKI. Links im Bild: Bezirksapostel Wilfried Klingler (Foto: NAKI)

Coordination Group with a new project manager

Zurich. “The project manager is the nerve centre between the Church leadership and the Project Groups and Work Groups, and in this function is extremely important for efficient preliminary work and processing of decisions by the Church leadership,” says District Apostle Wilfried Klingler, chairman of the Coordination Group. He collaborates closely with Dr. Daniel Brenner (47), who has been working as project manager for the New Apostolic Church International as of last October. 

Daniel Brenner is a qualified medical professional and comes from Aarau, Switzerland. In his previous profession he specialised in population-based medicine and prevention. Most recently he served as the deputy chief doctor for the Canton of Aargau. Today the responsibilities of the experienced project manager include the care and coordination of the New Apostolic Church’s approximately 20 Project Groups and Work Groups.

NACI, the abbreviation for the New Apostolic Church International, has its head office in Zurich, Switzerland. This city is not only home to the international Church leader — currently Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber — but also to NACI’s 18 employees, of whom five work in a part-time capacity. 

23 April 2009