Stammapostel Leber vor dem Flughafengebäude in Kapstadt (Foto: NAC Cape)

Chief Apostle Leber lands in Cape Town

Stammapostel Leber vor dem Flughafengebäude in Kapstadt (Foto: NAC Cape)

Cape Town. Friday, April 3: Flight SA 221 from London Heathrow touched down at the Cape Town International Airport at 09:49. On board was the President of the New Apostolic Church International, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, who is on his fourth visit to the Cape since he took up office in 2005.

On hand to welcome him was District Apostle N Barnes and many New Apostolic members in the employ of ACSA who grabbed the opportunity to come and greet their spiritual leader. This marked the beginning of a week-end which is filled to the brim with blessed activity for the Cape District Church. On Saturday the Chief Apostle will meet with all the rectors of the Greater Cape Town at Silvertown and this will be followed by a musical presentation performed by a group of confirmands.

And then the long-awaited moment will be ushered in at the dawn of Sunday 5 April when all hearts will be focused on the word from the Chief Apostle. This divine service will be transmitted to all congregations connected to the Church’s audio visual network.

Stay with us and we will keep you posted!

4 April 2009