Ordination des ukrainischen Apostels Anatolij Budnik (Foto: NAK Süd)

Anatolij Budnik ordained Apostle for the Ukraine

Ordination des ukrainischen Apostels Anatolij Budnik (Foto: NAK Süd)

Memmingen. “Here in Memmingen we are witnessing an historic moment, because today the first Apostle will be ordained for the Ukraine.” These were the words that Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, international leader of the New Apostolic Church, addressed to a joyfully expectant congregation last Sunday, 08 February 2009, before proceeding with the ordination of Anatolij Budnik — a 52-year-old doctor from Lvov — to the Apostle ministry.

Chief Apostle Leber wished the Apostle much success in preparing the congregations for the return of Jesus Christ with “fiery zeal and joy.” He went on to express the wish that the new Apostle might engage all his strength in the cause of Jesus Christ and the believers.

The administrative and pastoral care of the Church in the Ukraine has been supported by the District Church of Southern Germany since 1991. By 2011 however, all congregations of the Ukraine are to be served by Ukrainian ministers, says a related press release from the NAC Southern Germany.

A report on the divine service with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber in Memmingen will also be published shortly on the website of the NAC Southern Germany.

10 February 2009