Bezirksapostelhelfer Higelin geht Ende Oktober in den Ruhestand (Foto: NAKI)

District Apostle Helper Henri Higelin will retire

Zurich. "All has its time, and all projects has its hour" - starting with these words chief apostle Wilhelm Leber sends an information letter to the world-wide district apostles concerning the retirement of district apostle helper Henri Higelin (France). For 42 years Henri Higelin helt responsibility as an office bearer in the New Apostolic Church. On 26 October 2008, he will retire.

District apostle helper Henri Higelin celebrated his 65th birthday a few months ago. In May 1966 he started his work in the church when he was ordainded as sub-deacon. 30 years later, on 21 April 1996, chief apostle Fehr ordained him as apostle. Nearly one year later, he was additionally commissioned as district apostle helper. More than 110 times he travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country in which the church's work is assisted by France. Chief apostle Leber describes him as a man full of humility, fear of God and faith.

The festive service, in which district apostle helper Higelin is going to retire will take place on Sunday 26 October 2008, in Merlebach (Lorraine).

23 September 2008