International Day of Prayer on 21 September

Zurich. Once again the New Apostolic Church will engage in worldwide prayers on the occasion of the International Day of Prayer on 21 September. This year, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has given the event a special accent: he is calling upon his brethren in faith to pray especially for all baptised Christians who are being persecuted or killed on account of their faith in the triune God and their profession of their Redeemer Jesus Christ.

The international Church president goes on to write the following to the District Apostles: “Particularly in recent times, we are hearing more and more media reports of Christian persecution. It ought to move us profoundly when we hear that people are being persecuted or even killed for their Christian faith.”

This year, the 21st of September falls upon a Sunday on which divine services will be conducted. The Chief Apostle’s wish is that “the ministers of the Church draw attention to the great value of peace in the congregations they serve.” The Church leader goes on to say that his thoughts are thus directed first and foremost to the regions of crisis and war around the world – “unfortunately there are far too many of these,” he says – “But I am also thinking about very simple, everyday situations, such as peace in one’s own soul, a peaceful atmosphere in one’s own family, in one’s neighbourhood, and in one’s workplace.”


The United Nations introduced the “International Day of Peace” on 21 September 2001. Since then it has become known in many Christian churches as the “International Day of Prayer”. The New Apostolic Church has also been participating in this effort, most recently last year.

12 September 2008