Bihar, Indien: Menschen fliehen vor dem Wasser (Photo: dpa)

India’s flood regions are in need of help

Bihar, Indien: Menschen fliehen vor dem Wasser (Photo: dpa)

Dortmund. Congregations of the New Apostolic Church in India have been heavily affected by flooding in the region. The German aid organisation “NAK-karitativ” has released 30,000 Euros in order to initiate immediate emergency relief measures with volunteer helpers in Assam. After assessing the damages, it has been determined that further aid will be necessary.

The relief efforts will be organised and executed by the New Apostolic Church in India. “NAK-karitativ” remains in direct and constant contact with the responsible coordinator.

The website of “NAK-karitativ” relates that detailed reports will be forthcoming soon.


The Indian federal state of Bihar has recently suffered its heaviest flooding in fifty years. Relief organisations are reporting that some 1,000 villages have been flooded. Four and a half million people in the southern and western parts of the country have had to leave their homes. A total of 311 people have already lost their lives as a result. The western federal states of Maharashtra and Gujarat have also been affected.

10 September 2008