“Our Family” now also appears as an internet magazine

“Our Family” makes its online debut!

“Our Family” now also appears as an internet magazine

Frankfurt. Soon the Friedrich Bischoff Publishers in Frankfurt will welcome clients with a new website. The publishing house of the New Apostolic Church will introduce itself in three categories: the start page lists the most important corporate data, and a visually improved online shop provides information on the company’s product list. But without a doubt, the flagship of the site is the new “OF-online” with news briefs taken from the current issue of the printed magazine.

“Our Family” is the magazine of the New Apostolic Church. To supplement the print version of the magazine there are now also current news articles and editorials on life and doctrine in the New Apostolic Church on the internet.

“In future both media - ‘Our Family’ in print and OF-online - will work hand in hand to provide needed information in the most appropriate format for every situation,” says the press statement of the Publishers. Concerning this, Managing Director Dr. Jürgen Hendriock explains as follows: “It is our stated goal to make the web version of ‘Our Family’ into a lively forum with an active exchange of information. We can manage this together, and using this platform supplement, integrate, and further develop the good work that the various District Churches and the New Apostolic Church International have been doing to date.”

You can find the new web-presence at this address: www.bischoff-verlag.de


The Verlag Friedrich Bischoff GmbH and the Friedrich Bischoff Druckerei GmbH are both enterprises of the New Apostolic Church. The Publishers consider themselves an international Christian media house. In addition to Church members and regional Church administrations, its clients also include bookstores, agencies, and other publishers. The roots of the publishing house date back to the year 1932 when the company founder, Friedrich Bischoff, took over the internal printing house of the New Apostolic Church. The former in-house print shop has in the meantime developed into two successful companies, namely a publishing house and print shop, with a total of over 100 employees between them.

17 June 2008