Apostel Mutshima Sylvain Muela (Foto: VFB)

Apostle Muela passed away

Apostel Mutshima Sylvain Muela (Foto: VFB)

Zurich. “I have received the very sad news that our dear fellow Apostle Mutshima Sylvain Muela passed away”, writes Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber to the apostles world-wide. The late Apostle Muela lived in the province of Kasaï-Occidental and was 58 years old.

As the Chief Apostle says in his obituary, the Apostle grew up in a family with many children. After his schooldays and his years of study he was working as a teacher. As Apostle he was one of the pioneers in building the New Apostolic Church in the D.R. of Congo. Together with ten Apostles he served roughly 480'000 brethren in that large area.

Chief Apostle Leber: “We gladly intercede for all the bereaved, in particular for his wife and his children. May our heavenly Father endow them with His comfort, strength and confidence in these difficult hours of parting“.

5 June 2008