Registration for the European Youth Day 2009 is possible starting today

Zurich/Düsseldorf. Exactly one year before the big European Youth Day organised by the New Apostolic Church, online registration for the event has begun. It is now possible to register using the EYD online system (EYOS). For the further planning and organisation of the mega-event, it is already necessary to begin registering participants now. In order to do so, a group leader will register himself along with all the participants in his group.

The organisers recommend that every congregation register as an independent group, with the person in charge of the local youth registered as leader. This facilitates the assignment of accommodations since groups can be accommodated together.

A “Registration Guide” has been made available in order to provide more information on the registration procedure. The registration website also answers “frequently asked questions” (FAQ). Beyond that there is also an e-mail address available for questions about registration and accommodations.

How do I register?


The European Youth Day organised by the New Apostolic Church will take place between 21 and 25 May 2009 at the Düsseldorf Fair Grounds. Some 40,000 young people from all around Europe are expected to attend. The official website provides information in both German and English on background information, current events, program sequences, organisational matters, and much more with regard to the European Youth Day.

21 May 2008