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News from Burma and China: Our members are safe!

Photo: dpa

Toronto. “Our brethren in Burma (Myanmar) and China are safe!” Such was the news from the responsible District Apostle Leslie Latorcai from Canada. In an information letter on the website of the New Apostolic Church Canada, he shares further details.

In Rangoon, the capital of the multiracial South East Asian country, foodstuffs and medicine, along with financial support have in the meantime arrived and been handed over to the local Apostle David. Our local brethren are alive and well, and it appears that no one has been seriously injured.

There is similarly good news out of China. District Apostle Latorcai writes that there is no indication any of our brethren there have lost their lives or been seriously injured. He relates that, while shocked and still rather frightened, they are also very thankful to have survived. Apparently some of them live only 300 kilometres from the epicentre of the earthquake.

Three weeks ago, cyclone Nargis swept over the southern tip of Burma. Independent news agencies have reported some 100,000 dead and approximately 2 million people without shelter! In China it is still impossible to tell what the aftershocks of the serious earthquake of five days ago might bring. The official death toll has in the meantime climbed to 40,000.

All of us are deeply affected by the suffering of all the people of Burma and China. As New Apostolic Christians, let us pray for all those affected in the disaster areas. We hope and trust that they can be helped.

You can read District Apostle Latorcai’s letter on the website of NAC Canada.

21 May 2008