European Apostle Meeting in Berlin (photo: VFB)

Pentecost 2008: Berlin Apostle Meeting brings Apostles to the same table

European Apostle Meeting in Berlin (photo: VFB)

Berlin. With the exception of two Apostles, all European District Apostles and Apostles were able to take part in this year’s Apostle Meeting in Berlin. In his hour-long address, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber focused on the beatitudes recorded in the fifth chapter of Matthew in the Holy Scriptures.

As he spoke, the international Church leader drew attention to the “core thoughts of the gospel”. He asked the Apostles to take these spiritual thoughts along with them to their respective countries, districts, and congregations. Chief Apostle Leber explained that these thoughts also hold important applications for our time. The meeting then went on to address other matters, mostly related to Church strategy.

Prayers for people in disaster areas

As in the Pentecost service, the Chief Apostle also prayed during the Apostle Meeting for victims of natural disasters, such as the many people in Myanmar/Burma who lost their lives or all their possessions as a result of tropical storm Nargis. District Apostle Leslie Latorcai, who is responsible for Myanmar, has in the meantime related that the scope of the catastrophe is still completely unclear at present. It is still not known whether any, or how many, of our brethren in faith in this South East Asian country have been drawn into the suffering. The local congregations have not yet sent any news, said the Canadian District Apostle. You can read his call to prayer on the website of NAC Canada.

12 May 2008