Be strong, be brave, and do not be afraid!


Zurich. At first, entering Myanmar proved to be more difficult than expected on account of visa problems, “but in the end, everything went well,” wrote Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber in his Monday fax to all the Apostles. On this trip to South East Asia he strengthened the brethren in Myanmar and Cambodia with a Bible passage from Joshua 1: 9, and called out to them: “Be strong, be brave, and do not be afraid!”

The divine service in Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), took place on 14 March 2008. A confirmation service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia took place two days later.

In the Eberfeld translation, the Bible text from Joshua 1: 9 is ushered in with the admonition: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be anxious or afraid!” From this Chief Apostle Leber derived the threefold advice: “Be strong, be brave, and do not be afraid!” He related this to strength in faith, prayer, and active involvement in the congregation. “Those who are strong in the divine sense, and act courageously do not need to be afraid,” said the international Church leader.


The work of the New Apostolic Church in Myanmar and Cambodia is coordinated by the NAC Canada. These two countries are home to some 80,000 New Apostolic Christians who gather in approximately 300 congregations and are served by around 500 ministers.

22 March 2008