Happy Birthday to the ten-year-old!

Ten-year anniversary of the New Apostolic Church’s children’s magazine “Our World”

Happy Birthday to the ten-year-old!

Frankfurt. “Our World”, the magazine for the youngest New Apostolic Christians, has recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. To mark the occasion of the magazine’s birthday, a special edition will appear in April. In it Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, retired Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, and all active District Apostles of the world send their congratulations. On eight additional pages, the children’s editors of the Friedrich Bischoff Publishers go on to report about how the 16-page booklet came into being.

The first German edition of the magazine appeared in April 1998. Up to that point, the only material available for children appeared under the heading “The Good Shepherd” in the New Apostolic Church magazine “Our Family”. To date, some 119 booklets have appeared, and in the meantime the children’s magazine has also become available in French, Russian, Dutch, and Indonesian. Excerpts of it are published in English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, and Italian in the foreign-language editions of the “Our Family” magazine. The magazine’s target group is comprised of children between the ages of four and eleven, but is predominantly geared toward elementary school children. The magazine is produced by a team of editors, graphic artists, and one illustrator. The person responsible for the content of the magazine is Andrea Schnizer, a literary specialist.

The April birthday edition also reports on a special donation: by unanimous resolution of the editors, 5,000 Euros will be donated to a school in India operated by the New Apostolic Church in order to celebrate the ten-year anniversary!


Some background information:

“Our children are our future” says the caption over the design of a religious children’s magazine of the Friedrich Bischoff Publishers in Frankfurt. Accompanying children through daily life in faith—that is the objective. Through educationally valuable reading material, games, and crafts, “Our World” seeks to impart contents of faith to New Apostolic children in a manner corresponding to their age, and thus integrate them into the church community. The young brethren in faith are to feel: “I am secure, I am safe, and I am loved.”

20 March 2008