Unusually heavy rainfall in Southern Africa


Zurich. “In Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe we have had rainfall that far exceeds the norm,” writes District Apostle Charles Ndandula in a letter to Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. The leader of the New Apostolic Church in these countries on the African continent goes on to report that many homes, fields, and church buildings have been flooded as a result. A total of 3,000 New Apostolic families have also been directly affected.

The region that has been hardest hit is Zambia’s South Province. District Apostle Ndandula will begin to provide relief using his District Church’s own resources, but is also asking the Chief Apostle for support.

International press agencies are reporting that several hundred thousand people have been affected by this extraordinarily heavy rainy season since December. The reason for the catastrophe is apparently the weather phenomenon known as “La Niña”, which is affecting the force of the trade winds. In Zambia alone, some 1.5 million people have had to leave their homes. At present it is not known how many have lost their lives in the process. The Zambian government has officially asked western countries for their support. And the rain has not stopped yet.

We will continue to report on these events.

12 February 2008