This letter contains the earliest evidence that Cardale was accepted as Apostle in Irving's congregation

175 Years Ago: The Call of John Bate Cardale and the Contemporary Idea of Apostleship

Zurich. 175 years ago Apostle John Bate Cardale began his activity as the first apostle of the time of perfection. To commemorate this event, an article has been published in the German edition of our church periodical “Our Family” of 20 December 2007, entitled “175 Years Ago: The First Apostle in the Time of Perfection takes up his Activity”. Here the Work Group “History of the New Apostolic Church” (HNC) presents a study on which the article is based.

In this study the author arrives at certain conclusions that in some respects differ from what has so far been written on the call and first apostolic acts of Apostle Cardale. Here, too, the work group follows the instructions laid down by Chief Apostle Fehr when he instituted that group: “The account is to be objective and throw light on all questions without raising taboos.” We accept scholarly findings and make an effort to interpret them as part of God’s plan of salvation.

We arrive at a conclusion in which we see the events described as part of that plan of salvation and believe that God made use of faithful men and guided their thoughts as people of their own age in such a way that He could eventually fulfil His will and raise His work of salvation in this time when His plan is to be perfected.

Kindly read our revised English version of our study.

21 December 2007