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Information evening 2007: a warm welcome to anyone interested!

Photo: NACI

Zurich. The information evening scheduled for Tuesday, 4 December 2007 will deal with Church-internal topics of both lesser and greater significance. The evening transmission, which will originate from the Communications Centre of the New Apostolic Church’s international head office in Zurich, will commence at 7:45 PM. Approximately 1,400 congregations in 18 countries of Europe will be able to receive the satellite transmission. Anyone interested is invited to participate.

The broadcast will begin at 7:45 PM with some music performed by an ensemble whose aim it is to set the mood for the evening, before Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the Church’s international leader, officially begins the information evening at 8:00 PM with a prayer and greeting. The first of the evening’s six topics bears the heading “The self-image of the New Apostolic Church.” District Apostle Hagen Wend, chairman of the “Questions of faith” Project Group, will present the Church’s statements on the subject. In terms of content, this topic is a thorough investigation of the question: “How does the New Apostolic Church understand itself?” This topic will not so much deal with theological formulations on the Church’s self-understanding, but rather offer a well-structured list of core statements that can be used in the public relations efforts of the Church.

History as the main topic, plus a number of smaller topics

The main topic of this information evening is without a doubt a historical one. Apostle Walter Drave, chairman of the “History of the New Apostolic Church” Work Group, will present some explanations on the period between the years 1938 and 1955. For the New Apostolic Church this was a tumultuous time, which ended with a number of church schisms. A number of new apostolic groups developed in Germany, Saarland, and in Switzerland as a result. Apostle Drave’s presentation is based on comprehensive historical source studies, which have been diligently undertaken. The results and theses about this period have been critically verified and are not the product of “history by hearsay.”

Following this, Chief Apostle Leber will take a few moments to talk about the “Vision and mission of the New Apostolic Church.” He will place particular emphasis on deriving concrete conclusions from this for the missionary and public-relations efforts of our Church.

Other smaller topics will deal, for example, with the hymnal that has been in use since Pentecost 2006. Questions on this topic have come up repeatedly, and the Chief Apostle will answer some of these. The European Youth Day 2009 will also be addressed. The Chief Apostle wishes to issue an appeal to all listeners to support this big event actively.

Last but not least, the international Church president will take some time to talk about the status of the ongoing discussions regarding the new Catechism of the New Apostolic Church.


Information evening of the New Apostolic Church • Tuesday, 4 December 2007 • Start: 7:45 PM   /   End: 9:45 PM


  • The self-image of the New Apostolic Church
  • The New Apostolic Church between 1938 and 1955—Developments and problems
  • Vision and Mission – Thoughts on missionary work
  • Statements about the new hymnal of the New Apostolic Church
  • European Youth Day 2009
  • Catechism of the New Apostolic Church

27 November 2007