Graphic: NAC Southern Germany

NAC in Madagascar now be led from South East Africa

Graphic: NAC Southern Germany

Madagascar. Last weekend Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber paid a visit to the island of Madagascar. Some 1,500 brethren and interested guests attended the divine service he conducted there. Following the service, the international Church president entrusted the leadership of the New Apostolic Church on this island off the east coast of Africa into the hands of District Apostle Johann Kitching from South East Africa.

Up until now the District Church of Southern Germany had been responsible for the island. “The change makes sense,” emphasised the Chief Apostle in his brief address, “because it will reduce the amount of travel and be more cost effective.” He thanked District Apostle Michael Ehrich and his co-workers from Southern Germany for all their work to date.

At present there are over 60,000 members of the New Apostolic Church in Madagascar.

19 September 2007