The Henwood Foundation has its own website

Lusaka. The aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church of Zambia is known as the “Henwood Foundation.” It is named after George Henwood, a New Apostolic pioneer in this part of Africa. Now the institution has a website of its own.

The stated goal of the Henwood Foundation is to fight poverty in Zambia through improved food security. In addition, the foundation supports training projects and health programs, most prominent among them the campaign against HIV/AIDS.

The vision of the aid organisation is: “A Zambia in which communities are free from hunger and disease, and have the skills to improve their livelihoods.”

Following is the link to the new website:

The New Apostolic Church also operates numerous other aid organisations throughout the world, such as Germany’s “NAK-karitativ” and “Missionswerk der NAK Süddeutschland,” Canada’s “NAC Foreign Extension,” the USA’s “World Relief,” Switzerland’s “Missionsstiftung der NAK Schweiz”, and Austria’s “Humanitas.”

31 August 2007