Sydney by night (Foto: W. Ruppe)

Arriving in Sydney after 28 hours

Sydney by night (Foto: W. Ruppe)

Sydney. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber is currently in Australia. His trip from Hamburg to Sydney took a total of 28 hours. Yesterday he arrived safe and sound at 8:00 PM local time in the largest metropolis on the Australian continent. On Tuesday the Chief Apostle will continue his trip to the Fiji Islands and then set off for Indonesia.

District Apostles Andrew Andersen (NAC Australia), Richard Freund (NAC USA), and Johann R. Kitching (NAC South East Africa) are accompanying the Chief Apostle on this trip. Also invited are retired District Apostles Graf and Rosentreter. The latter, District Apostle Arthur Rosentreter, who served as District Apostle for many years, will celebrate a golden wedding anniversary with his wife on Sunday.

A divine service has been scheduled in the Fiji Islands for Tuesday, 3 July. There are 2,000 New Apostolic members in the South Pacific island republic. A district ministers’ meeting is planned for 6 July in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A divine service in Yogyakarta on Sunday, 8 July will bring this trip to a close.

29 June 2007