Pentecost service 2007: Hymn within the serivce

448: Where'er God's Spririt reigneth

Where'er God's Spririt reigneth, that land is truly blessed. Where He the guide remaineth, His grace on all will rest. Thy Spirit, Lord, gives light and peace of soul secureth. Who Thee as guide procureth is wise, and pure, and rigth.

Thou wilt in all our anguish a source of comfort be. Our hearts no longer languish, fromsin Thou makest free. Whenlips of worship sing sweet strains of meditation, the hearts in admiration praise God for ev'rything.

O force of love so tender, o force of holiness. Thy life in me engender, with sanctity me bless. Thou noble Holy Ghost, by whom my soul is guided, hast strength for good provided, the way to heaven show'st.

Words: unknown / Melody: David Wolder (died in 1604)

23 May 2007