Peter Klene to be ordained as the new Apostle for Holland

Zurich. On 18 March 2007, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the international leader of the New Apostolic Church, will conduct a divine service in Groningen, Netherlands, at which time he will ordain the now Bishop Peter Klene (49) to the Apostle ministry. District Apostle Theodoor de Bruijn, who is responsible for the Church in the Netherlands, has had a letter informing the members of this news read out in all congregations of his District Church.

In his letter to the congregations the District Apostle expresses that the brethren of the Netherlands are looking forward with joy to the visit of the Chief Apostle in Groningen. The letter goes on to say: “The last Chief Apostle visit to Groningen took place in the year 1991, when Chief Apostle Fehr served all the brethren of the Netherlands from our church in Groningen North.” District Apostle de Bruijn also expressed that he is already 62 years of age and has prayed for support in providing good care to the brethren of the Netherlands.

Bishop Peter Klene is a pharmacist by profession. He will in future work together with Bishop Hans Kamstra in all districts of the District Church of the Netherlands.

You can read District Apostle Theodoor de Bruijn’s letter to the congregation (in Dutch only).  

The Nieuw-Apostolische Kerk in Nederland has around 12,000 members in 76 congregations. For more detailed information, visit the website of the NAK Nederland.

18 February 2007