Photo: NAC Canada

Conversation Cafe - Building Relationships

Photo: NAC Canada

St. Catharines, Ontario. In St. Catharines, Ontario a new initiative has been implemented to introduce the new apostolic faith to the Chinese community. "Conversation Cafe" takes place each Saturday for the parents of some 200 children taking Chinese class at Lakeport Secondary School.

On Saturday, February 10th in the Lakeport Secondary School Cafeteria the children of all ages were busily preparing the stage props with red balloons for their exciting annual festival.  Highlights of the morning included:  Chinese poem and story recitals, dances, drums, violin duets, fashion show, holiday wishes and lucky money.  There were 150+ people in attendance.  Opening ceremony included loud drums, lucky money and card distribution.

Each class presented their poem as a group as they gathered around a microphone on stage.  Those who recited their poems individually we marked for their performance by 2 judges and later presented with a prize.

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19 February 2007