Photo: NAC Cape

Conference for music co-ordinators

Photo: NAC Cape

Cape Town. Music co-ordinators from the area of District Apostle N E Barnes (Cape district) gathered for a conference at Dennekraal from 9 to 11 February 2007. These co-ordinators assist their respective apostles and bishops with leading, developing and co-ordinating the music work in their areas.

The conference covered a range of music-related matters, all aimed at improving the effectiveness of music in supporting the goals of the church. District Apostle Barnes opened the meeting with a spiritual message based on Romans 15 : 7. It served not only as a guide for the conference, but for the future activity of all involved.

Topics included on the agenda were:

  • strategic review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges in the
    music sphere
  • development of children’s music
  • goal-setting at congregation level
  • improving the structures for music co-ordination and training
  • the impact of technology on music in the church
  • training session on talent management
  • new English hymnal
  • orchestra development

The constructive discussions, sharing of ideas and team-building fellowship of this weekend left everyone with a renewed sense of purpose, direction and motivation.

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19 February 2007