"BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL" - the Sunflower Project

Cape Town. On Sunday, 21 January 2007 District Apostle Noel Barnes (NAC Cape) launched the Sun Flower project for the 2007 Sunday school year. All members viewed a DVD on the AVT Network which highlighted the planned theme. This sunflower project will be the main theme for Thanksgiving 2007 in the Cape district church.

The planned roll out of this project will be as follows:

  • On Sunday, 28 January 2007 a Sunday school service will be conducted in all congregations of the Cape Apostle District.
  • The Sunday school service will be the main service for the day, i.e. all members will attend this Sunday school service at 09h00.
  • During this Sunday school service more details will be provided to all ministers and members (including parents of the children) about the theme for 2007.
  • The Sunflower Project for Thanksgiving Day 2007 is divided into two phases:
    - Phase 1 – All children will receive sunflower seeds which must be planted on Saturday, 25 February 2007. This will ensure that a harvest can be gathered during May 2007. - Phase 2 – All children will receive special seeds during the June 2007 school holidays which must be planted by end July 2007. This will again ensure that a harvest can be gathered for the Thanksgiving Day altar decorations.

Also read http://www.naccape.org.za/sunflower2007.html

13 February 2007