Photo: NAC Cape

Day of the Child in Southern Namibia

Photo: NAC Cape

Namibia. “Freedom from Fear” was the theme for the Day of the Child divine service conducted by District Apostle Noel Barnes for the Sunday school children of Southern Namibia. On the Saturday prior to the service the children gathered at a sport and recreational facility to enjoy some outdoor games.

After using up most of their energy the children had just about enough left for a choir practice in preparation for the next day. In the choir programme full use was made of the new Bright and beautiful children’s hymn collection launched earlier this year as most of the hymns that were sung was out of this collection.

On the Sunday morning a very interactive divine service took place. During the service the district apostle referred to two examples out of the old and the new testament highlighting how God helped those who had every reason to fear. This helped to underline the theme of the service.

Also invited to the divine service were the orphans of the Michelle Mclean Children’s Place of safety. A donation of R10 000-00 was given to this orphanage that assists children whose parents have died of Aids.

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11 December 2006