Photo: NAKI

District Apostle Meeting approves support program for musical development

Photo: NAKI

Zurich. The Church leadership of the New Apostolic Church intends to support musical development. This was decided by the District Apostle Meeting during its fall session in Zurich. A corresponding resolution of principles places special emphasis on supporting congregational choirs as well as prospective organists and other instrumentalists.  

Apostle Rudolf Kainz (Austria), musical advisor to the District Apostle Meeting, painted a grim picture of the current situation in society as a whole: less and less children are making less and less music. These demonstrated tendencies and developments are also influencing the musical training and upbringing of children, which is also being felt in the congregations of the New Apostolic Church. In some District Churches, the number of organists and instrumentalists is declining. A detailed survey in some of the District Churches has also shown that the average age of organists in the various congregations is increasing. A defined program for supporting musical development is lacking in many regions.

Flexible age limits in congregational choirs

The District Apostles unanimously agreed to the recommendation that singing and music should become a firmly established component of all levels of Church instruction from now on. Mandatory singing in Junior Sunday school, Sunday school, Religious Instruction, and Confirmation Instruction—which will also be incorporated into the congregation and in congregational life in general—is to set off a so-called “singing-and-music-chain-reaction” and inspire the children for music. Thus all Church districts are to establish either children’s choirs or other suitable institutions. Even the age of entry into the choir will be flexible from now on. Previously, children in Europe would usually enter the choir only after confirmation. This age of admission into the choir will be lowered in future.

The District Apostles also endorse financial support for music retreats and development courses for instructors. The individual format of these initiatives will be decided by the District Apostles in their respective District Churches within the framework of the music budget available to them.

Year of Action 2008

The implementation of concrete recommendations will proceed according to local needs and resources, according to the District Apostle Meeting. The objective of the District Apostle Meeting’s resolution states: “We will sing and make music on all levels of instruction.” A special “Year of Action” with the motto: “Singing brings joy—join in the chorus!” has been planned for 2008. Over the course of that year there are to be many diverse musical events in all Church districts.

26 October 2006