New Apostolic Church publishes a series of articles on the "Testimony" (Part 2)

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church publishes a series of articles on the "Testimony". On 20 September the second of five articles appears in the German edition of the official church periodical "Unsere Familie". Here we will publish important source material and annotated versions of the articles in English, distributed by the Working Group History of the New Apostolic Church.


The second part

The Great Testimony is compiled by Apostle Cardale and was first distributed in 1837. The Pope and the Austrian emperor receive that document through intermediaries. The delivery to Louis Philippe, the French “citizens’ king”, fails.

The authors are convinced that they have been enabled to demonstrate the marks of a church as it has been ordained of God.

That church had been described in the time of the primitive church, but never been realized, seeing that the early Christians – whether called from among the Jews or the Gentiles – had hindered the apostles from fulfilling their commission. In a judicial act, God had eventually taken away the apostle ministry. A decline in doctrine together with a loss of unity and a stifling of the Holy Spirit had been the consequences.

A church in the full sense of the word can only subsist when it has the ministries ordained of God.

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Article 2: The Great Testimony

A synopsis of three editions of the Great Testimony

19 September 2006