Photo: NAC USA

Divine Events for the New Apostolic Church USA

New York. Visit of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber - September 10, 2006. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will visit New York and conduct a divine service. Accompanying our Chief Apostle will be District Apostle Theodoor de Bruijn (NAC Netherlands), District Apostle Johann Kitching (NAC South East Africa) and District Apostle Leslie Latorcai (NAC Canada). The divine service will be transmitted throughout the United States and will begin at 12:00 PM EDT. The actual broadcast will begin approximately one hour prior.

Divine service with our Chief Apostle Leber in September will give the USA District a new Apostle - During the divine service on September 10th, our Chief Apostle will ordain Bishop Karl Orlofski (44) into the ministry of an Apostle. He will care for the Caribbean Islands, including the addition of Guyana. He will also care for the three Chicago Districts and the District of St. Louis.

6 September 2006