Close collaboration between “NAK-karitativ” and the “Henwood Foundation”

Dortmund/Lusaka. The relief organisation of the New Apostolic District Churches of Germany, "NAK-karitativ", has pledged to collaborate closely with the "Henwood Foundation", the aid organisation of the New Apostolic District Church of Zambia, in its agricultural projects. With the help of suitable agricultural methods and drought resistant crops, farmers will in future be able to produce enough for themselves as well as the marketplace.

Instead of distributing food items and seeds in times of drought, a system of sustainable self-help will be developed. As a result, families benefiting from such project will no longer feel like alms-collectors, but instead be active partners in self-help projects.

Experimental projects underway in Zambia are to develop concepts for fighting poverty among the rural population in all states of Eastern and Central Africa. For the period between 2006 and 2009, a project has been developed which will reach some 10,000 farmers in the arid provinces of Zambia. Professionals from state and private institutions have also been involved the project. The effort focuses on planting new sweet potatoes and manioc, as well as producing drought-resistant types of wheat and peanuts. Traditional vegetable planting will also be supported.

"NAK-karitativ" has approved an initial amount of 300,000 Euros for these projects, in response to the wishes of the Church administration of the New Apostolic Church International as well as the District Church of Zambia.

"NAK-karitativ" opens regional office for Eastern Africa in Lusaka

The offices of the "Henwood Foundation" in Lusaka will in future also serve as the regional office of "NAK-karitativ" in Eastern Africa. A corresponding agreement is currently being developed by the management of both aid organisations. As "NAK-karitativ" relates in its August newsletter, all agricultural projects, agrarian training, and conceptual developments for improving agriculture will be offered in East African regions with a high proportion of New Apostolic members. These agricultural projects are part of the New Apostolic Church’s measures to counter famine.

22 August 2006