Festive divine service in October will bring staff changes to the NAC Switzerland

Zurich. As District Apostle Armin Studer, leader of the New Apostolic District Church of Switzerland, relates in a letter to his congregations, there will be some personnel changes made on Sunday, 22 October 2006: Apostle Rudolf Schneider (65) and Bishop Hanspeter Nydegger (65) will both be retired. One Apostle and two Bishops will be ordained to succeed them.

On Sunday, 22 October 2006 Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will conduct a divine service in the congregation of Zurich-Seebach, which will be transmitted throughout Switzerland and the European congregations in District Apostle Studer’s working area by satellite. Since there will be an international District Apostles’ conference in Zurich the week before, all District Apostles of the world will accompany the Chief Apostle for this service.

In his letter, District Apostle Studer announces that Apostle Rudolf Schneider and Bishop Hanspeter Nydegger will be discharged into a well-deserved retirement. Both have served as ministers of the New Apostolic Church for well over 40 years. “Our thankfulness for all their love, all their sacrifices, and their tremendous work of blessing is very great,” writes the District Apostle.

Bishop Heinz Lang (57) will be the new Apostle who will take over the working area of Apostle Schneider. In addition the Chief Apostle will ordain two new Bishops: Philipp Burren (50) and Markus Fehlbaum (55). In place of the new Apostle, the future Bishop Burren will also become the District Apostle’s new personal secretary.

In his letter to the congregations, District Apostle Studer also reports on the current condition of the retired District Apostle Peter Dessimoz, who is slowly recovering after having suffered a stroke. He continues to make progress, particularly with regard to speech, notes District Apostle Studer.

21 August 2006