The international website in its new format

Zurich. As previously announced, the website of the New Apostolic Church International is about to be relaunched. On 1 August 2006 it will appear with a modernised visual format and enriched content. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has already introduced the new design to all the District Apostles around the world.

The new format will be more modern and more colourful. The borders will be comprised of three sections, with one section listing the headings, another section listing announcements, and a third section listing special instructions. Photos and a fixed headline will complete the picture. There will also be additional supplements in terms of content: announcements of the Church will now be published systematically, and clicking your way through the "New Apostolic world" will become even easier.

Up to now the online offer of the New Apostolic Church has been popular with a large readership. Around 320,000 readers visit the site every month (with about 1 millon page impressions). There are also peak times. For example, the short film excerpt from the 2005 Pentecost service (see video recording), in which Chief Apostle Fehr retired and the new Chief Apostle Leber assumed office, caused a veritable rush of some 12,000 hits over only a few hours. Altogether the video was downloaded over 100,000 times and generated a transfer volume of over 1,500 GB, this corresponds to the content of over 2,000 CDs. The "Word of the month", an article taken from a divine service by the incumbent Chief Apostle, is also very popular. In this area alone there are approximately 10,000 hits.

Enjoy the new website - it will be ready on 1 August 2006.

24 July 2006