First meeting to discuss administrative reform in Europe

Zurich. Representatives from the European District Churches of the New Apostolic Church gathered in Zurich for their first meeting to discuss administrative reform in Europe. On account of worsening demographic tendencies, the New Apostolic Church will try to identify and implement potential cost saving measures within its administrative endeavours over the next few years.  

Under the direction of District Apostle Wilfried Klingler, president of the District Church of Central Germany, administrative experts from all European District Churches assembled on 31 May 2006. The project leader is Erich Senn, the new administrative director of the New Apostolic Church International. Because of declining membership and offerings in the Church it will become increasingly important for the Church to target synergies in the area of its administrative activities with the goal of lowering the costs of administration in each of the District Churches. The resulting proposals will each be presented to the European District Apostles’ Meeting, who will make decisions on shared projects.  

We will continue to report on individual developments.


3 June 2006