Decision of the District Apostles’ Meeting in Karlsruhe: Ordinations will be announced ahead of time in future

Zurich. The District Apostles’ Meeting in Karlsruhe has concluded that from now on, ordinations should be announced ahead of time. This applies not only to ordinations of district apostles, apostles, and bishops, but also to appointments of district rectors and congregational rectors.

In future, any ordinations planned are to be announced one to three months before they take place. First, the affected ministers and their families will be informed, and then the ministers and congregations who are indirectly involved will also be notified. This decision of the international Church administration is binding throughout Europe, although there may still be exceptions from time to time. In the District Churches outside of Europe, the district apostle in charge will decide whether to implement this change, depending on the circumstances in that country.

28 April 2006