A visit to the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day office

Cologne. Hermann-Josef Johanns is the director of the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day office in Cologne. Representatives from the New Apostolic Church of North Rhine-Westphalia met with him on 26 April 2006. They are also members of a work group responsible for the organisation and preparation of the New Apostolic Church’s European Youth Day in 2009.

Hermann-Josef Johanns (photo: second from right) has been directing the World Youth Day office since 2001. Together with a staff of full-time and volunteer employees, he was responsible for the execution of the large event hosted by the Catholic Church in 2005. The work group established by the European district apostles plans to make use of his experiences and recommendations as they prepare for the New Apostolic Church’s European Youth Day. This work meeting cleared up many queries regarding the organisation of the day. The Catholic expert answered questions on subjects ranging from content to security issues.

On the whole, it was an uncomplicated and extremely informative discussion.

Photo from left: Franz-Wilhelm Otten (apostle, NAC North Rhine-Westphalia), Wolfgang Schug (apostle, NAC North Rhine-Westphalia), Hermann-Josef Johanns (director of the World Youth Day office of the Catholic Church), Helmut Polzin (district elder, Cologne)

The New Apostolic Church is planning to conduct a European Youth Day in 2009 at which they anticipate some 40,000 participants. The work group under the direction of District Apostle Armin Brinkmann (NAC, North Rhine-Westphalia) is presently looking into the requirements for the large event. We will continue to report.

26 April 2006