Apostle Ndomba Camunga has passed away

Luanda/Angola. Ndomba Camunga, an apostle of the New Apostolic Church in Angola, passed away on 26 April 2006 at the age of 57. He died of heart failure while on a missionary trip to Ondjiva, in the province of Cunene.

Apostle Ndomba Camunga was born in Samba Cajú in the province of Kwanza-Norte, and grew up in a believing Christian family. On an invitation from his friend, Sukami Landu Ronsard, he attended his first divine services in the New Apostolic Church in the country’s capital, Luanda, in 1983.  

At the end of 1983 he was ordained a deacon. He served in various ministries for about 23 years, since 1997 as an apostle. His profession as a structural engineer enabled him to direct the construction activities of our Church in Angola, where he built many churches and chapels.

Apostle Mbuta conducted the funeral in Luanda, in the presence of Apostle Luiz (Portugal) and the apostles of Angola.

Apostle Camunga leaves behind his wife, Sofia, and six children.

26 April 2006