Apostle Alfred Nawa Katundu has passed away

Mongu, Zambia. Apostle Alfred Nawa Katundu passed away only a few days after his 54th birthday. In October 2005 he had been involved in a traffic accident, likely the result of a stroke, and had since been confined to hospital.

The funeral took place in Mongu, in Zambia’s West Province. It was conducted by District Apostle Charles Ndandula in the presence of all apostles from the West Province.

Foto von Apostel Alfred Nawa KatunduAlfred Nawa Katundu became New Apostolic in 1957. Since 1987 he had worked as an apostle for the District Church of Zambia. In his letter of condolence, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber noted that the apostle had served with great love and complete dedication, often making great personal sacrifices in the process.

He leaves behind his wife and six children.

15 March 2006