The New Apostolic Christian's belief in the beyond

Frankfurt. A new brochure dealing with the New Apostolic Christian's belief in the beyond is now available. It does not claim to provide an exhaustive answer to all questions about the beyond. The work concentrates on doctrinal statements regarding the future after death.

In past decades, New Apostolic Christians read from such works as the brochure on "Insights into the realm of the dead" by Hermann Niehaus and the book "Life after death" by Friedrich Linde. In his preface to the newly published brochure, "The New Apostolic Christian's belief in the beyond", Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber writes: "A long time has passed since the appearance of these two publications, and the question arose as to whether the statements they contained still corresponded to the state of our present knowledge. Beyond that, further questions that have arisen on this significant subject also needed answers."

The brochure is available from the Church's Verlag Friedrich Bischoff at a cost of 3.80 Euro. In addition to the German edition there is also an English version. The first printing of this publication has produced a stock of 18,000 brochures in both languages.


17 February 2006