Notice of revision of "Questions and Answers"

Frankfurt. "Questions and Answers" is the name of the little book that comprises the New Apostolic catechism. Available for decades, the most recent revision took place in 1992. Now the Church administration has decided to publish a notice of revision.

In the preface, international Church president, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber writes: "More than a decade has passed since the last edition of the manual ‘Questions and Answers'. Over this time we have gained several new insights, and a number of statements about our doctrine have been expanded." Only essential changes have been included in the notice of revision. A complete revision was not undertaken because a new catechism of the New Apostolic faith -which will replace the "Questions and Answers" manual—is currently in process. The new doctrinal work on the New Apostolic faith is scheduled to appear in 2008.

A total of 23 questions from the current edition have been reformulated on 16 pages. Chapter seven, which addresses the subjects of "Future and eternity," has been completely revised. To start with, 115,000 pamphlets have been printed in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. A Russian version is also being prepared. To date, some 560,000 "Questions and Answers" manuals have been printed.

The notice of revision will be available by the end of February from the Church's own
Verlag Friedrich Bischoff
at the price of 0.40 Euro.

17 February 2006