Festive divine service with ordinations in Berlin: Listen to God for a half hour every day!

Berlin. After 40 years in office as a minister of the New Apostolic Church, Apostle Sieghard Behr was given a festive retirement on Sunday, 5 February 2006. In his divine service in Berlin, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber mentioned that the retiring apostle had always performed his commission conscientiously and in holy zeal.

Apostle Sieghard Behr served as an apostle in the District Church of Berlin-Brandenburg for 15 years. His tasks also included the pastoral care of the churches in Russia and Asia in the care of the District of Berlin.
As successor to the retiring apostle, Chief Apostle Leber ordained the hitherto Bishop Klaus Katens (50, photo below, at right). The new apostle will take over the working area of his predecessor. Two new bishops were also ordained into their ministries: Bishop Harald Bias (49, photo below, at centre-left) and Bishop Udo Knipsel (42, at right).

The festive divine service took place in the congregation of Berlin-Spandau. Among other things, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber made reference to the words of a clergyman from a different confession: "Listening to God for a half hour every day is important, except if you have a great deal to do. Then you need a whole hour!" In this connection, Chief Apostle Leber spoke of one of the dilemmas of our time: all of us at some point are in haste and in a rush. We are busy from morning to evening. "Our earthly lives actually have too great a claim on us", said the chief apostle. It is especially then that we must come to rest, gather ourselves, and concentrate on that which is eternal, lasting, and most important.

7 February 2006