The New Apostolic Church revises its position on Baptism: Henceforward all Trinitarian Baptisms will be recognised

Zurich. Effective 24 January 2006, the New Apostolic Church has changed its position on Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing. A specially scheduled information evening in Uster (Switzerland) was transmitted via satellite to all New Apostolic congregations around the world.

What is new about the New Apostolic Church's position on Baptism is the recognition of baptismal acts conducted in other Christian churches. Because Baptism is now understood to be the imparting of God's grace upon a human being and the soul's entry into a closer relationship with Him, all baptised human beings are Christians. The prerequisite for this recognition is proper dispensation, which means that the Baptism must at least have been performed in the name of the triune God and with water. Baptisms of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are thus not recognised by the New Apostolic Church.

The New Apostolic teaching that the rebirth is a combination of Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing will remain unchanged.

Read the original document on "The Position of the New Apostolic Church on Holy Baptism with water and Holy Sealing".


24 January 2006